Seidman for Georgia House Seat 176—Candidate

An important election is coming on February 12th, I'd like your vote!

As a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives, I support high quality healthcare because without it, I know I wouldn’t be here! I feel good healthcare is a right that is due to every citizen and want to work toward that realization.

I’ll be working as hard for the best education for our children. I have a 5-year old daughter and know first-hand how important education is for every child and their future.

I believe people who work hard should have wages that support a life of dignity and security for every family.

A few things about me you may be interested to know:

  • I’m the 4th of 10 children
  • I was educated in Vero Beach, Florida
  • I have a B. A. degree in Early Childhood Education from South Carolina
  • I’ve been widowed twice, am now married again and I’m the mother of 4
  • I’ve owned 4 businesses
  • I’m now a retired member of Vero Jaycees, Gifford Civic League, Feed the Lambs, L. C. KIDS Kiwanis Club, Life Member of NAACP.
  • I'm a Peoplecrat! That means, I work for everyone!

My district and state is everything to me and I want to give real, true representation to everyone and for everyone’s interest while serving in the Georgia house.

I’ve been privileged to work on others’ campaigns to gain experience and insight into how to make government work for you. My mentors include Ted Kennedy, John McCain and Strom Thurmond.

Please get out and vote in this is a Special Election,  February 12, 2019. I’d appreciate it very much if you were to consider supporting my candidacy.

Get in touch with your comments and questions! I’d love to hear from you!

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Mrs. Barbara is A Voice in OUR Community.

Please consider supporting my candidacy. With love and respect, Barbara A. Seidman.

Your donations are welcome and please vote on February 12th!

(912) 244-7255

Or visit us on Facebook!

Need a ride to the polls?

If you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls, please call the following numbers to arrange for a ride.

(912) 282-3206

(912) 614-8330

(912) 387-7988

I want to represent the people in my district. The life you live, I live. When I fight for you, I fight for me so I make it COUNT!

Everything I do in the Georgia State House will be for the voters in my district. I will
truly represent the people.

I believe our elected officials should be public servants and should represent EVERYONE, not just party members.

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